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Why I Am Traveling With A Portable Desktop Computer

Several months ago, my Macbook’s battery died, as in unresuscitatable death, the second time in Wasabi’s almost 5 years of life with me.

I’ve been wanting a Macbook Air ever since I acknowledged the need to slim down my setup to support a nomad-friendly lifestyle, starting with the Kindle. Getting to my ideal setup is a slow and deliberate process because I am all for maximizing resources whenever possible. So until there is a real need to purchase something, I’ll most likely avoid purchasing it.

I purchased the Kindle Keyboard late last year though, even when I had no extended travel plans yet, but I figured the price tag wasn’t too painful and that the sooner I got it, the sooner I’d be able to cut the cost of [acquired price ÷ number of times utilized].

With the not-recent-at-all death of my Macbook’s battery, and my upcoming 2.5-month backpacking trip, the force within that shiny, new, lightweight, ultra-portable, with functioning battery 11.6-inch Macbook Air is so much stronger.

But the buzz for a few months now, is that a new, souped up Macbook Pro that rivals the thinness of the Air is in the works. And while this will probably means that it will still be heavier than an 11.6” Macbook Air (unless they come out with an MBA smaller than their current smallest 13” MBP), I’m holding out still, waiting to see the specs (and price) of that promisingly glorious new Apple creation, that is sure to handle a lot more demanding work (Photoshop, video-editing, track-making) than the MBA. Whether or not I like (and can afford) the new MBP vs. the current MBA, the release of the new Apple models should result in a price drop for Apple products currently available in the market.

This Gizmodo article reinforces my above assumption.

In the meantime, I can’t bring myself to spend some P6,500+ for another battery on a laptop that I really feel I’ll be replacing soon anyway. Especially after I spent so much on my airline tickets. So, as much a hassle as it has already been to not have a laptop battery without extensive travel, I am holding out. I figure it wouldn’t hurt to stay “unplugged” when I can’t find an electrical outlet. And I’ll have my Kindle anyway. 🙂

So that, ladies and gentlefolk, is why I am traveling with a portable desktop computer.

I may or may not regret this decision, but unless a replacement battery, a Macbook Air or the new Macbook Pro falls from the sky and lands very safely and softly onto my bed, this is the choice I’m committing myself to.

Convincing herself that her decision is sound,

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