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When We Work Not For The Money

I’ve been somewhat amiss in my travel posts lately, and one might think that after a trip to exotic India, a traveling blogger who blogs about her travels (but does not necessarily call herself a “travel blogger”) might blog about it — ASAP. Alas, it has been almost a month now since I’ve come back, and I’ve yet to get around to writing about my whirlwind trip through Southern India (and side trip to Kuala Lumpur).

[Merdeka Square in KL, Malaysia]

However, ironically, November also happened to be the month wherein I became officially unemployed, and yet I feel that I’ve never been busier! I’ve been caught up with a lot of interesting new experiences, meeting new people and trying out new things like:

• Writing Climate Change & Conscious Consumption articles (and other stuff) for both & — topics I do feel very strongly about.

• Meeting Raf Dionisio, Jason Cruz, and Elaine Abonal — all passionate people who I hope to get to know and learn a lot more from in the future.

• Building Muni PH’s community of cultural creatives; joining a social entrepreneurs’ get-together with Richard Dacalos, Bolo, Oleg de Leon, Kitty Caragay, Patch Dulay, Noreen Bautista, Mark Roenald de Castro, Lara Togonon-de Castro, & Dino — whose infectious energy and desire create a better world around them gives me hope for the evolution of mankind. Looking forward to exciting collaborations with all these guys!

• Organizing Muni Pop-Up Shop. Proposals, blog posts, collateral, social media, marketing, you name it, I’m doing it. But of course, not without the support of Punchdrunk Panda, Jacinto & Lirio, Caleb’s Closet, Vesti, and Lagu for helping sponsor the event, Thysz of Moonleaf for giving us a venue, and H.E.A.R.T. and Pop Pins for helping me create our statement non-tarp “tarp” for the event. 🙂

[see our online poster below]

…and yes, I do not do this for the money. In fact, I’ve had to invest some to develop But I do feel like this is important, and that maybe, if I just stick to it, guided by this conviction that it’s something the world needs, then I do feel like the finances will come in so that I can support myself and the things I want to do with Muni.

I’m resigned to the fact that I will not get rich in this lifetime, and that’s okay — I feel that the acquisition of wealth and material possessions is that which drives most of modern man crazy. I may say this now because I’m not yet starving to death, but I do feel like if we just controlled that desire for wealth acquisition and envy of our neighbors who have the latest smart phone / tablet / god-knows-what new gadget, we would all be more satisfied with our lives.

And mind you, I don’t mean that we stop improving our lives altogether when we reach that point. But that when we do, we just get rid of all the mental and material crap in our lives and spend less time stressing about / working for things we don’t really need.

When that point comes, hopefully, maybe, you’ll then be doing something that truly matters, something that other people will put a high value on, and then maybe, hopefully, the resources wind up coming in to make that effort sustainable.

Can’t say for sure, and I might fall flat on my face. But I’m going to give it a good shot anyway.


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