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Travel plans (or a semblance thereof) for the rest of the year

Last March 28, I booked a one-way ticket coming back to Manila from Bacolod for Masskara.
Last April 16, I booked a one-way ticket from Manila to Siem Reap on July 1, for an intended 2-3-month trip around SEA.

When I shared this with my friend Kitty, she let out an intense: “Bakit ba ang hilig mo mag-book ng one-way?” (Why are you so fond of booking one-way tickets?)

I like stories that allow for reflection.
I like movies that let the viewer add a bit of his/her own interpretation to the ending.
I like having my options open.
I like hoping and waiting for better fare prices.

So if friends plan trips and it’s more or less within my means, I’m there! But it’s usually a struggle to get travel plans jumpstarted on my own. 😛 I wish I could just get up and go somewhere, but Ms. Logistics is a bitch.

But anyway, last May 2, during a Cebu Pacific sale, I finally pretty much finalized all my plane-reliant trips for the rest of the year, or the start and end points of them at least (I found out the other day, thanks to Lois, that I might have to book additional flights to get to certain SEA countries that I thought I could travel to overland…meh).

This is relevant content for this blog, but somehow I felt a bit shy to post earlier because I didn’t want to look like I was gloating, when in fact, I’m feeling scared (mostly because of the pending credit card charges and the money I have to earn / save up for my upcoming travels, among other things).

So here’s the drilly yo:

  • 05/16-05/19 : MNL-Boracay-MNL (4 days)
    — c/o a prize my friend Andrew won! Free Cebu Pacific airfare + 2 nights at Regency. 🙂
  • 07/01-09/15 : MNL-Cambodia-Thailand-Laos/Myanmar-Sri Lanka-KL-MNL (2.5 months)
    — Gah this is happening! I just booked the Cebu Pacific KL-MNL flight thinking I’d book an AirAsia flight from Myanmar-KL and KL-Sri Lanka-KL, but I haven’t booked that yet because I couldn’t decide, and based on findings from Lois, I’ll have to book even more AirAsia flights than I thought.
  • 10/14-10/23 : MNL-Dumaguete-Bacolod-MNL (10 days)
    — Didn’t book Dumaguete when I booked Bacolod because I couldn’t find good-ish rates then, but I kinda knew I wanted to come from Dumaguete. So there.
  • 10/25-11/05 : MNL-KL-India-KL-MNL (12 days)
    — Okay, this was unplanned, and I’m probably really pushing my travel budget and may be ridiculously broke (but hopefully not in debt) by this time. But my friend Jane had planned a trip. And that makes me weak. And hey, what are you going to do with savings if you’re dead, right? But seriously, I hope I’ll have at least 2 months’ worth of money to live off after this.

So there you have it. THE PLAN.
I’m also hoping I can continue going vegetarian and maintaining my yoga practice while traveling.
Wish me good luck or something.

The not-a-planner planner,

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