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The Myth of “The Busy Life”

Are you really as busy as you make yourself out to be?

I feel like ultimately, you decide where you want to put your time, according to what you value more. And that people are really just as busy as they choose to be.

To be honest, I do feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can properly chew and digest in the past couple of months, what with maintaining, Muni events like the recently concluded Biyaheng Burda (watch out for a part 2 in July) and our upcoming #CutTheCrap gig on June 15, setting up and re-setting up the Muni Pop-Up Shop Online, assisting with the Cat@lyst project of Global Shapers Manila (whose deadline has been extended to June 7), and doing consultancy work at a tech incubator / digital marketing agency.

So many things in my life just seemed to happen at the same time, and while there is a lot on my plate, you know what they say, there’s always room for dessert. (I’m not sure if that expression works here but I think it will do.)

Dessert, for me here (at this time and place in my life), means times for friends and family.

And while I hardly go out, I do enjoy quality hangouts with friends whom I have engaging two-way conversations with. And I’ve come to realize, that I do value spending time with my family too. Something I gave almost no value last year.

The Possibly Painful Truth

Having said that, when people say they’re too busy to meet up, it could be true. But if you ask them several times to no avail, then you probably haven’t given them a compelling enough reason to meet up with you, because either:

  1. They can not see what value you can give to them at the moment, or
  2. They can not see what value they can give to you at the moment.
    (Sometimes those two mix.)

People are really just as busy as they choose to be.

And this is me kind of realizing for myself that I have to reassess my priorities, as I’ve been spreading myself too thin for my taste, and in effect, not being of maximum value in any one arena.

I’ve tried to help people through my classes “Finding Your Spark & Turning Ideas Into Action” classes, but it’s time to reexamine my own passion test perhaps? 🙂


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