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The Mid-Year Crises :P

It’s July. That time of the year when people usually start to panic about the year that has passed and how they’ve barely got any of their goals accomplished, and how, before the know it, it will be Christmas once again.

I’ve noticed that in the past 3 years, some of my major life occurrences would happen to me in July, as if every year in my life is a movie, beginning with conflict (usually internal) in January, a struggle in April / May, a climax or turning point in July.

In July 2011, I took a trip with friends to Vietnam, at a time when I felt fatigued and in need for a break. When I came back home, I found the same heaviness on my shoulders, and that I really just wanted to be anywhere but where I was. I channeled this towards this Nomad Manager Tumblr blog, which I created to help keep me on track on the road to getting out of a rut. In the year that followed, it served as a reminder of my dream of location independence, and the steps I could take towards that goal.

Along the way, I found other things that inspired me, and more and more that I had a desire to share some things with the world that I hadn’t been able to do with how I was living my life at that point. But I was stuck, I didn’t know what to do. And while I had an idea, I was met by resistance, and simultaneously, self-imposed obligations to individuals I cared about.

On July 1, 2012, I packed my life essentials into a tiny 9-kilo bag. Double checked that I had my passport, the address of the guesthouse I booked 2 nights at, my ticket to Siem Reap for that day, and my ticket back to Manila from Kuala Lumpur on September 14, 2012, and hopped on the plane.

I was so tired with what I had been doing up until that point, and I validated to myself that my fatigue had become a weighty insouciance, and that it couldn’t be solved by a break, but really, by a drastic change. So, 3 weeks into my trip, I did. Not the fairest thing to my team, but I figured they best know sooner than 7 weeks later.

Fast forward to November 2012, when I created, and I’ve felt blessed to have it in my life since. Because up until Muni, I felt like I was just a drifter; I was doing things others seemed to admire (Punchdrunk Panda), but I didn’t feel as happy as I thought I should be. Finally, with Muni, I found a sense of fulfillment I didn’t find before. Being so-called “selfless” is the most selfish thing that I’ve done.

Muni has been so fortunate to receive the support of so many talented, passionate individuals, and I really want to make it grow even more, and really create a platform for people to share more freely. In the meantime, while I raise funds for that or create a viable business model for that, I’m glad to have experienced TrainStation in April 2013.

On July 2, 2013, just yesterday, I got to know the rest of the TrainStation family, and I realized how wonderfully it really ties in with my long term vision for Muni. Ultimately, I created Muni with the idea of sharing mindful living, and somehow, it steered more into the direction of environment and social enterprises that I forgot about nurturing the very crucial aspect of the self, and that at the core of it all, it’s really empowering the individual, showing them that they have the ability to create ripples of change within their circles, who will in turn affect their own circles (as my idol Maria Ressa puts it).

I’m anxious / nervous / excited about what lies ahead for me now, as is expected with any new and unfamiliar experience. Last year, I stripped down my life to the basics, packed in a bag and left. This year, I know I don’t need to go anywhere to escape a humdrum life, but instead, create interesting things around me — meet people and just do some stuff together!

I’ve blabbered on for long enough, a necessary process for me because I feel like I need to hear my thoughts out loud or see them on paper or my computer screen for them to be real. Things are coming together, and I’m excited for the possibilities. 🙂

Time to get crackin’.