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The Commercialization of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

While it’s definitely a good thing to propagate breast cancer awareness in the month of October (or all months of the year for that matter), I wonder just how informed this global campaign makes it audience, and how effectively it mobilizes them into action.

As with the practice of greenwashing, it seems like a lot of companies are also very eager to jump on the pinkwashing bandwagon, which seems to appeal to a great many consumers spotted sporting pink ribbons, with pink bags, pink shoes, pink shades, pink lipstick and pink nail polish, while eating yogurt in a pink cup.

Conscious consumption is often used in the context of making more informed decisions about the environmental impact of our purchases, however, I believe it also applies to a broader scope of consumer behavior given the vast array of choices now made available to us in the market, and the increasingly “creative” schemes marketers come up with to move products or generate consumer loyalty.

Next time you see an advertisement for something in support of breast cancer awareness, stop and think for a moment, consider if it was actually a product you would have purchased regardless, and think of the other ways you can also contribute more directly, and not just to informing others about breast cancer, but actually encouraging them to do take further action.

Think before you pink,

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