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Stop Dreaming, Start Preparing

Recently, @thysz tweeted:

You can be a wanna-be or an about-to-be.” — John Varvatos

And being the non-fashionista that I am, I had to Google John Varvatos.
But anyway, regardless of the industry one is in, the above quote applies. So many times, we get so caught up in our daily lives, and our escapist dreams, that we fail to do any action.

And I guess that’s sort of what happened since I started this blog.

I started it with a mission in mind, but it got sidetracked when I encountered some unexpected setbacks that sort of forced me to backtrack, and I really haven’t taken proactive measures make sure I get back on track. Until now.

I was clear with my intention to attempt to “chronicle my steps towards a sustainable nomadic lifestyle by 2013 via increasing mobile small business management and development”, but somehow, I lost sight of the goals I set before, and I haven’t been dedicating the weekly/daily amount of time I initially hoped to give to certain efforts toward attaining those goals.

So yeah, this is a public reminder to myself of my plans, and to redraft them as necessary. And finally list down the strategies I wound up never posting.

In the meantime, you might want to check out the Nomad Manager shop. 😛

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