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Preparing For “Battle”: 16 Days To Go

After having a minor panic attack when I reached the 30-day countdown to my 2.5-month trip around Asia, I am now down to 16 days. And I feel like a soldier getting ready for war…the kind that happens in one’s mind. Think anticipation vs. anxiety.

After hearing horror stories from different travel bloggers, paying the credit card charges for my tickets, still not having a real “plan”, and realizing all the other things I still have to get done (travel insurance, things I need to delegate while I’m away), I’m feeling the fear and the pressure. And I find myself worrying quite a lot about my upcoming travel while juggling all the things I have to accomplish from day to day, and procrastination. Time is ticking.

2.5 months away may not be a big deal for seasoned travelers, but being well, not very “well-seasoned”, that is a HUGE deal to me. Especially since I’m traveling solo.

Having said that, let’s see where I am in my to-do’s stated in my 30-day countdown:

  • Find place to stay for week #1 in Cambodia.I won’t be absolutely sure ‘til maybe a few days before I fly out, but I have a clearer idea now. 😀
  • Figure out whether to go to Laos / Thailand / Myanmar after maxing the 21-day Cambodian tourist visa and find out how to get there.I’m going to Thailand first, then maybe Laos, maybe Myanmar, nothing conclusive yet. I’ll figure it out in Thailand.
  • Book additional flights to that / those countries if necessary (which is most likely).
  • Book flight to Sri Lanka already. (Yes, Jen. You know for sure you want to go there. BOOK IT ALREADY.)Just did this today. 😛
  • FIND OUT AND WORK ON VISA REQUIREMENTS, if any. — Checked Visa requirements for Sri Lanka but haven’t applied yet.
  • Avoid last-minute shopping: secure all the LIGHTWEIGHT travel essentials ASAP! (Okay, I’ll give myself 2 weeks for this 😛 — and I can’t wait to write my light-packing post! Packing light is one my advocacies.) — About 80% done, I think.
To add to that, I also have to:
  • Scan/print/copy important documents (birth certificate, passport, flight details, travel insurance documents, etc.)
  • Get Visa pictures taken/printed.
  • Turnover documents for my different accounts (bank, insurance, etc.) to my mother (in an organized fashion).
  • Turnover Punchdrunk Panda things to Nica, and make sure all accounts I am responsible for are in order.
  • Write a bunch of blog posts, particularly on Life in 10kgs :-O — Quite excited about that idea. Come back next week! I should have something up by then. 🙂
  • Finish some personal projects.

Eek. Crunch time!


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