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Panda-saving Packaging by PdP!

I love when my little company can do little things that can help the planet in a big way.

I previously posted the layout we used in our news blast about our new footwear packaging. But I just wanted to share a thing or two about the development of the packaging.

We wanted to create something that eliminated the use of plastic, protected the shoes, and served as the very vessel for you to tote your goodies home/around. And successfully ticking all of these elements made me feel a great sense of accomplishment already.

However, this previously neglected aspect of our branding, this valuable consumer touchpoint (as Martin Lindstrom would put it), can now serve as an avenue for us to tell consumers about ourselves, and the things we believe in at Punchdrunk Panda. 🙂

Check out our PDP-losophy below. 😀

So there. Yay! 😀 *sniff*
And while I may be elated about it now, I’m sure there are still ways we can make it better, along with many other aspects of PdP. 

Let us know what you think! 🙂