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Nomad Manager • Weeee!! First video I ever made! And I have to…

Weeee!! First video I ever made! And I have to say, it’s not bad. 😛
Just shot with my LX5 and tinkered around with iMovie and voila! 

I was telling Gail that I had initially planned on devoting last night for “personal time” (i.e. Adding interesting and relevant content to this blog). But after meeting up with bloggers David Guison, Arriane Serafico, Alexis Lim and Eileen Campos yesterday and getting enough footage for an acceptable Behind-The-Scenes video, I was excited to create a video for our intimate little bloggers’ preview at Subspace Coffee House.

I love when work doesn’t feel like work at all. 😀

I also really love that everyone seemed to have a lot of fun, the bloggers and my team alike. 🙂 I feel they were engaged by the impromptu photography “workshop” we had and that they were happy to meet fellow bloggers too.

This year has been a year of creative collaborations, and I’m so happy with every collaboration we’ve had, big and small. And I’m really happy we decided to get interns this year because that really helped in forming my awesome team. 😀

I’m feeling rather crappy today on account of lack of sleep is my guess (which I am trying to hide behind low-grade glasses), but I’m so psyched about this video, and our casual tambay session with David, Arriane, Alex and Eileen. Looking forward to even more collaborations in the future!

Running on tylenol and leftover endorphins,


Yesterday we had a little hangout sesh / preview was held at Subspace Coffee House in Ortigas, and our blogger guests participated in an impromptu photography “workshop”. 😛
Shot/Created/PdP-fied by Master Panda Jen Horn