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Vegetarian Food Find #1: Grill Queen Tofu BBQ

I think I’ve had one too many of these since I discovered them several months back. There were times wherein I’d order 4 sticks (at only P15/stick, it’s not as painful to the wallet…vegetarian fare isn’t always expensive, unlike what many people might think), and I’d go back for more in the same week. I’m beginning to feel the need to cut back so I won’t get sick of it.

Last Sunday, I even tried formulating my own recipe so I could enjoy tofu barbecue at home. 😀 I’ll have another go at it and share that next time. Pretty decent try so far, I’d say.

Note: If you are a vegetarian who dislikes the sight of raw meat, then I’m sorry, this is not the place for you, because to order your tofu barbecue, you’ll first be faced with various dead animal parts. Luckily, I can stomach that.

Looks like I’ll be frequenting Grill Queen in Maginhawa Street again for post yoga chow. I finally enrolled in a yoga place near there, which deserves a post not written in haste. More on that tomorrow!

Tofu princess,

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Grill Queen
Maginhawa Street, Quezon City

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