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Nomad Manager • Surprise Pinoy Travel Bloggers Meetup @ Subspace…

Surprise Pinoy Travel Bloggers Meetup @ Subspace Coffee 😀

Last week, after my Passion Test Workshop (PTW) with Lois Yasay (I will post about it this week! Haha. Unexpected happy life occurrences or “synchronicities” just compel me to write about them sooner, and the PTW entry warrants deeper thought and introspection. Disclaimering my procrastination, but anyway), we agreed to meet up this week, at Subspace Coffee (where we first met last March and talked about our passions for 3 hours), to basically just chat about our upcoming travels.

This July, I’m leaving for my 2.5-month solo trip to Cambodia-Thailand-Laos/Myanmar-Sri Lanka, while Lois is leaving for a month-long trip to Spain to run with the bulls!

I’m down to less than a month, and I don’t feel very ready at all, but then again, is anyone ever really ready for all the surprises travel brings? Granted, some a lot of people could be readier than me though.

What I wasn’t “prepared” for yesterday was meeting and hanging out with a whole bunch of shiny and new awesome people. Had I known, I’d have made a bit more of an effort and not come in yoga wear.

Lois and I had agreed to meet from 1-4pm because she had another 4pm meeting. One of the people she was meeting at 4pm came early though (an hour early at 3pm), and I was surprised to find it was Eileen Campos of Possibly Pinay, our most entertaining blogger from Punchdrunk Panda’s first-ever blogger hangout — also at Subspace!)

I would later find out that one of the other people they were meeting was Edcel Suyo of, whom I had corresponded with recently for his familiarity with Siem Reap, which is my first stop for my 2.5-month trip. Incidentally, he’s supposed to be there when I arrive as well, and I didn’t think I’d be meeting him until July. Small world!

I also got to meet Lois’ previously Chiang Mai-based Filipino Couchsurfing friend, Raf. He shared tips with Lois on her trip to Spain, and I’ll probably be asking him more about Chiang Mai soon. Haha.

What was supposed to be a 1-4 meetup lasted until 6pm, with me learning about their travel scares, traveling on a budget, or for free, monetizing their blog and blogging tools (which I would later find weren’t Mac-friendly).

I had planned on doing yoga in the evening (to maximize the last few days of my deal grocer coupon), but when Lois invited me to join them for dinner, I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to hang out with them some more.

We wound up at Shakey’s, and got this crazy monster meal for 10-12 people upon Raf’s insistence that any less would be inadequate 😛 (I didn’t want to be difficult with my going vegetarian diet, so I just removed the meat from my pizza and pasta, and steered clear of the chicken -> disclaimering my non-violation). Josiah Sicad of Lakas and Lauren Gaile of Epic Potato arrived later and we closed the place at 9:30pm.

It was a very good day/night. 🙂 And I certainly hope it’s only the beginning of more highly educational hangouts with these like-minded individuals who are always hungry for travel.

[Clockwise from bottom left: Lauren, Raf, Ed, Lois, Eileen, myself and Josiah]


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