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Nomad Manager • Protecting My Loved One Life in 10KGs with my…

Protecting My Loved One
Life in 10KGs with my Punchdrunk Panda laptop sleeve

[Note: The above photo is not a recent photo so I don’t really look like that anymore, but it’s a nicely shot one with PdP laptop sleeves beautifully showcased and just a sliver of my Kaiju laptop sleeve in sight. :D]

Naturally, I would seem biased for saying this, but seriously, any traveler needs to keep his/her laptop protected. And I bring my portable desktop everywhere, pretty much, along with all my other paraphernalia, which is why my everyday bag weighs a ton. 😛

My Punchdrunk Panda laptop sleeves have done their job for me all these years, and my Macbook is never without one (maybe except when I remove my laptop’s battery, which is non-existent now). Apart from the protection it provides, the Kaiju laptop sleeve I’m using also showcases a kick-ass design by talented Filipino graphic artist OJ Desuasido, which just makes it so much more awesome.

For my Life in 10KGs Giveaway, my Punchdrunk Panda team will be giving three (3) lucky winners a Punchdrunk Panda sleeve each, along with other goodies summing up to P2000 worth of prizes. Click here to find out how to win! 🙂

Pack na pack (na),

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