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Nomad Manager • Proclaimed as the country’s biggest art show on…

Proclaimed as the country’s biggest art show on their event page, BLOOM might truly be one of the most significant markers or contemporary art among today’s younger generation, with some 80-90 artists participating in the multi-media exhibit.

Set on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at Cubao X, this event promises to revive the art scene and youthful and idealistic energy that was alive and kicking in Cubao X years ago, which I dare say was also momentarily revived by Punchdrunk Panda’s Anteroom Sessions 2, an event/project I’m proud to have seen through to fruition earlier this year.

I really love such efforts towards making creativity and community thrive. And while Anteroom may not seem as big an effort at promoting the arts as Bloom, I’d like to think of all such endeavors as a collective movement. 🙂

Having said that, I also jumped on this chance to finally show some of my paintings to the public. I’ve been dabbling with watercolor painting on and off for some two years now. And I while feel small exhibiting next to some really talented and successful contemporaries, I also feel a triumph at finally just putting it out there.

So here are the pieces I submitted for possible display:


ADHD, 12×16, Pencil, India Ink, Sharpie; Irreverence, 18×18, Watercolor


Old Nepalese Woman, 12×18, Watercolor; Intergalactic Space Giraffe, 12×18, Watercolor; Jewel, 18×24, Watercolor

View bigger pictures of my stuff here.

Apart from paintings, BLOOM will showcase art in many other forms or media, like photography, film, and music, reminding me again of the inspiring electric vibe of creativity (or in layman’s terms, my “kilig”) during Anteroom Sessions 2.

See the long list of featured artists at the BLOOM events page, and invite more friends to come and join in this effort to promote art and artists, and to further foster the creative spirit in Cubao X. 🙂


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