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Nomad Manager • PdP-losophy: The Punchdrunk Panda Formula In May…

PdP-losophy: The Punchdrunk Panda Formula

In May last year, we finally came together as a team at Punchdrunk Panda to discuss our values as a company. I’ve long wanted to formulate some kind of company philosophy so that we too know what we stand for and why what we do does have some importance in this world.

I get all serious when I talk about Punchdrunk Panda sometimes, and while on the outside, it may seem like we’re just a company that happens to sell cute / pretty / awesome stuff, in my head, we’re trying to do more than that.

Through our efforts, we aim to wash brains and change perceptions in hopes that:

  • “Wild” and “crazy” ideas / creative pursuits will be given a bigger, broader avenue to be manifested, and that they be more appreciated as a result of that.
  • Everything created in the world will have a bigger purpose than just being cute / pretty / awesome. (Sounds like a fight against vapid, painfully beautiful models)
  • Filipinos and the rest of the world will recognize the inherent talent, skill, creativity and ingenuity of their fellow Filipinos.
  • Everyone will pursue the things they’re really passionate about, whether it be design, film, music, photography, painting or spearfishing.

I thank you. Bow.


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Take a look at our PdP-losophy at our beautiful new website!

PdP-losophy n. [pee-dee-pee-law-saw-fee]

Creativity, function, change, Filipino & passion.
Ideas we value and live by at PdP.

And if you value the same things, we hope you’ll take the time to learn more about our PdP-losophy here, and collaborate with us some day. 😀
Just shoot us an e-mail at
We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas! 

 In the meantime, you can also purchase our PdP-losophy button pins from our shop. 🙂

Punchdrunk Panda character design by OJ Desuasido
Fun new costumes by Joseph Velasquez

Passion forward,
The PdP Team