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Nomad Manager • Now, I know I’m just gloating, but here is a…

Now, I know I’m just gloating, but here is a picture of my 15-Day Unlimited Pass at Urban Ashram Manila which I scored on Deal Grocer for only P500!

I’m sorry. I will take it upon myself to share this information when you guys can still actually purchase the coupon next time.
Likewise, if you know of any other irresistible deals for yoga, please give me a heads up as well! 😀

I already started using my coupon last Thursday and got to attend the classes of 2 different teachers already (Tricia and Eileen), and am scheduled to attend Kundalini Yoga with Dharam Kian Gaur today. Will definitely blogging more about my yoga experiences and the different teachers I encounter.

‘Til then,

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