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Ella Epic-ness at Little Adam’s Peak
September 1-2, 2012 — Ella, Sri Lanka

After being somewhat disappointed by Sri Lanka thus far, I was pleased to find a little town in which it was relatively inexpensive to eat, stay, and well, enjoy the place. You won’t get constantly bugged by touts here either.

But what was most rewarding about Ella was Little Adam’s Peak, an easy 45-minute stroll from town (with the last 15 minutes being a tiring stair climb) with exceptional views (and not quite so many tourists crowding at the top). I had gone up the peak 3 times during my 3-day stay, and I would probably go up once everyday if I stayed in Ella any longer.

My then accidental travel companion Dane and I arrived in Ella late afternoon on August 31st, so the sunrise jaunt was our first activity. We hadn’t intended to go out walking until 7:00 a.m., but I was up at 5:30 a.m. for some reason, and since Dane sort of was too, I asked if he fancied going out earlier. And what do you know? He didn’t mind.

At first, the view was cloud free, allowing us a clear vista of the other mountains that went on and on in the distance.

Then, Dane and I had some sort of discussion about how some people like a clear view, while I wanted a sea of clouds. 😀

Moments later, we noticed the clouds rolling in and I got my wish! No words can explain how happy and in awe I was at that moment.

I tried to capture a feeble attempt at stop motion, but it doesn’t compare to the real thing of course. I think it’s still fun to watch though. 😛