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Nomad Manager • Earth Day Vegetarian Buffet by Samarlika Last…

Earth Day Vegetarian Buffet by Samarlika

Last April 21, members of Samarlika organized a vegetarian night at Ananda Marga at Maamo Street in Sikatuna Village, where I began my practice in late March this year.

Apart from vegetarian fare, Samarlika also shared some educational information on vegetarianism (though I missed this), tai chi and yoga demonstrations, live music and a fire dance.

I also got to chat more with some of Ananda Marga’s yoga teachers and current and previous students. It was a great event to really get to know the community in which I practice yoga better, and familiarize myself with vegetarian fare.

[With some of the Ananda Marga teachers, students, and other people there for the event.]

It’s been a month since then, and I left for Baguio the following day and Boracay soon after. So I’ve yet to resume my practice there, but I look forward to going back this week.

In the meantime, there’s another vegetarian dinner happening there tonight, May 26, for the benefit of some Aeta children they’ve invited to Manila. So drop by if you can!

Food and fire dance,

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