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Day 2: Cagayan de Oro (white water rafting) + road trip to Bukidnon (January 24, 2012)

* Day 2 sure took a while to post.


Okay, since this is a much-delayed back-post. I won’t say much apart from white water rafting in CDO was awesome. I know a lot of potential tourists are still scared of the aftermath of Sendong on CDO and the rest of Northern Mindanao, but I’m glad we pushed through with the trip despite warnings against going. Wewound up seeing the beauty the region still has to offer, helped support the local economy, and are now legit witnesses and worthy word-of-mouth spreaders that YES, CDO IS FINE.

So anyway, we took the advanced course, but at no point did I really feel like my life was in peril, and I’m happy about that. It was thrilling enough, and I enjoyed it enough to want to do it again, but yeah, I’m good without the near-death experiences. So for those extreme sports enthusiasts, there is also an EXTREME course which you can opt to take at your own risk.

Here are some more pictures from our half-day adventure. 🙂

There was one point that I remember being totally oblivious to what was going on, but really just getting confused that our guides kept spinning the raft around and we still weren’t moving. We were stuck between two large rocks I think, and our raft was really filling up with water! I believe they told us to shift our weight from one side of the raft to the other and back, whenever they tried to wriggle us out, but yeah, LAG ata ako. I’d only always find out it was time to switch sides when I turned around and found no one behind me. Haha. I’m sorry I look bored in this picture. I have no idea why. 😛 One of our friends had actually fallen out of the raft at this point. So yeah, it definitely wasn’t a boring moment.

But yeah, we survived everything, and here we are with are guardians / lifesavers / heros. We wouldn’t have made it if not for their skillful maneuvering. 🙂 And yeah, our guide really kept us entertained in the calm areas of the river with a lot of punny stories. Ho ho.

Guide: “Yung mga rocks po na yun, lava rocks.
Us ignorant tourists: “Ah, wow, talaga?
Guide: “Oo, tuwing umaga kasi, meron diyang nag-la-lava.
*badum tush!* 

So yeah, if you guys are going to go white water rafting in CDO, get in touch with our guide, and it’ll be like paying for a white water rafting adventure + stand-up comedian in one go. 😛

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You can also check out this video of our adventure-filled trip
by @avalaunched a.k.a. Ardent Videos. 😀

White Water Rafting: Red Rafts (request for Jake Taponggot!)
Northern Mindanao private van / tour guide: Jhan — (0927) 407 8359 


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