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Nomad Manager • COCO LOCO: Vegan Waffles with Coconut Meat and…

COCO LOCO: Vegan Waffles with Coconut Meat and Home-made Coconut-Peanut Ice Cream!
My take on one of my most favorite breakfasts in life ever (from Hariharalaya Retreat Centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia). 😀

I’ve been away from the kitchen for so long since my 2.5-month trip around Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Sri Lanka, that cooking was the activity I immediately sought out as soon as I had time away from sleep and get-togethers.

A week before leaving, the ice cream maker I had ordered had just come in and I only had 2 chances to experiment with it then. This time, I made some rather delightful home-made Coconut-Peanut Ice Cream, which I later decided would go well with this waffle. 🙂

Still need to fine tune the recipe for my ice cream and vegan waffles, but so far, I think the first attempt was already a success!

Will resume my Sri Lanka posts when I’ve finished all my pending work, and satisfied the itch to play in the kitchen some more! 😛


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