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Nomad Manager • Check out my new Muni x Nomad Manager calling…

Check out my new Muni x Nomad Manager calling card! 🙂

It’s a lot less fancy than my old card, but it gets the job done, and allows me to add color and a handmade touch (through stamping of “MUNI” in red/orange and writing “JEN HORN” in aqua green by hand, while using up less paper. The card is printed back-to-back and rips in two to emphasize that yes, we can set a new standard of smaller calling cards and leaving less “white space” that most calling cards these days have.

The new card is also a lot more economical because it only needs 1/4 of the surface area my old card needed. PLUS I get to have this printed in black and white and use my own hands to add color and a personal touch. 😉

Check out more details about my calling card design “inspiration” and why my design cuts the crap here. 🙂