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Cheap Food Tripping / Carbo-loading in Sri Lanka
August 31 — September 2, 2012 — Ella, Sri Lanka (or Sri Lanka in general)

As mentioned in my post on the epic clouds at Little Adam’s Peak, I was pleased to find a little town in which it was relatively inexpensive to stay and eat. And my did I eat well in Ella. Let me count the ways. 🙂

1) Breakfast of curd & honey & fruit

That scrumptious-looking photo above? That’s it. Curd is basically some sort of buffalo’s milk byproduct that tastes like a sourer version of cottage cheese. Mixed with honey, banana, papaya, and if you’re lucky, pineapple, it’s divine.

Score this at the Curd Shop at the Ella bus stop for only 160 rupees or $1.40.

2) Mid-morning / mid-afternoon / mid-anything snack / dessert of lemon cake

Moist, light and lemony, I could have this all day. Seriously.

Get it for 125 rupees or $1 at Little Folly.

3) Vegetable kottu rotti

Okay, so this may not be the most appetizing-looking photo, but my first taste of kottu in Sri Lanka made it a really memorable dish for me. You’ll definitely know if kottu is being made because of the loud clacking against the cooking surface. It’s made with rotti dough but chopped up to resemble noodles.

You’ll find many variations of this around Sri Lanka, but Down Town Rotti Hut’s version was quite good. 250 rupees + 10% service charge = 275 rupees or roughly $2.1. We also found 175 rupee vegetable kottu in Kandy, FYI. So while this was quite cheap, you can still find cheaper versions. 🙂

While there’s a wealth of great eats / bakeries / restos in Nuwara Eliya and Kandy as well, I wasn’t able to document them properly. 😛

Needless to say though, with all the buns, rotis and rice and curries in Sri Lanka, you’re sure to get more than your fair share of carbs and grease. When that happens, a healthier chop suey is a good option as well, with Chinese food being surprisingly not unpopular in Sri Lanka.

Going on a fast now,

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