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Brené Brown on the Power of Vulnerability

Nothing moves me more than stories of failure: making mistakes, being wrong, breakdowns, and in spite of everything, getting ups. It’s just more real, more human, and yes, it’s okay to be human. It’s okay to admit defeat.

In a world of instant gratification and instant success, and books on 10 Easy Ways To Be Happy or Top 5 Strategies To Get Rich Quick, our vision gets easily blurred by these candy-colored promises, and to feel that it is shameful to “fail” because the rest of the world makes it look so easy to “succeed”.

But that’s not really how the world works in this Age of Absurdity. And I think that the sooner we can accept that life is a struggle and embrace our vulnerability, the better for our impatient, self-defeating mind.

Brené Brown manages to talk about this in an entertaining enough manner that elicits laughs from the audience, but in an eloquent and insightful enough manner that really elicits deeper impact and reflection. View an earlier and also really insightful and amusing talk here.


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