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Nomad Manager • [Behind-the-Scenes] PdP Artist Webisodes, Part 3…

[Behind-the-Scenes] PdP Artist Webisodes, Part 3 of 3 (feat. Rob Cham)
by punchdrunkpandainc

Okay, so I know the video above isn’t a BTS video, but what I write here sort of will be.
I just felt some self-imposed pressure to keep the title of this post consistent with the titles I did for the BTS posts of our other laptop sleeve artists, JP and Tof.
And yeah, I lied, there is no BTS post on Kneil, because I failed to produce a video of him, so we really just had an E-nterview. 😛

So anyway, after all my disclaimers, I can now begin.

Ah, Rob Cham.  No offense to JP and Tof, but Rob was the most amusing to shoot.  Pat, Shinji and I had a ball and probably got 5 webisodes worth of footage with Rob.  He’s funny in his endearingly geeky and awkward way…ish.

We shot the video at Sputnik, this comic store in Cubao X that you should totally support! (Thanks, Chez!)
And Rob brought his girlfriend Patrice, who was gushing about how cute her boyfriend was during our shoot. 😀

Anyway, these super backlogged posts are so hard to write because it’s been quite a while since we shot this.
But I do remember being thoroughly amused.  And there was some talk of the RH bill somewhere, which I’d rather not get into.  I hate when people get so nutso about it.  ANYWAY.

So yeah, Rob is great, and you can get his comics, PdP camera strap and PdP laptop sleeve at 😀

Incidentally, he created this meme-able strip for Punchdrunk Panda.  IT’S SO AWESOME!! *dies*

Click here for details and fill in the meme’s speech bubbles to win a Rob Cham-designed Punchdrunk Panda laptop sleeve! Huzzah!
Deadline of entries is on Dec. 11 (SUN).