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Nomad Manager • [Above video is The Story of Change by Annie…

[Above video is The Story of Change by Annie Leonard;
below article/post is The Story of Change by Jen Horn]

Going on this trip has really given me the time to reassess my priorities, restudy my values, and reaffirm my passions, which I am first making public here (yikes!).

Through the Passion Test, I found that when my life is ideal, I am:

  1. More in the now
  2. Location Independent
  3. Super eco-friendly (as an individual and in business)
  4. Brainwashing people
  5. Pursuing something creative / artsy (for myself)

(Whoo, there, I said it. Now I have to hold myself up to them for at least the next 6 months or so since I’ve now put it out there.)

And again, as synchrocities are, I found the above video, Annie Leonard’s latest installment in The Story of Stuff when I saw a post of my boyfriend’s sister on my boyfriend’s Facebook wall.

‎”Sometimes not buying—making do with what we have or sharing with a friend – is the best option of all… But our real power is not in choosing from items on a limited menu; it is in determining what gets on that menu. The way to ensure that toxic, climate-disrupting choices are replaced with safe and healthy alternatives—for everyone, not just those who can afford them—is by engaging as citizens: working together for bigger, bolder change than we could ever accomplish on an individual consumer level”

Last April, while I was in Baguio, I also stumbled upon The Story of Electronics, which really began to bring out all my previously latent discomfort in being in the retail industry. The week before leaving, I also met up with Mark Ruiz of Hapinoy and Rags2Riches and chatted with him about superfluous consumerism, earth-friendly practices, and the desire to do more for society.

So, all these things combined really tell me it’s about time for drastic change, and to veer away the safe and the familiar in favor of actions, no, movements that involve making more than a change in myself but cooperating with the other like-minded individuals yearning for change as well.

Cogs are in motion. If like me, you are passionate about truly holistic health, for the individual, society and the planet, let’s combine powers. I’ve got some ideas in my head and am looking for passionate people who might want to help get things going. Get in touch with me in any of these ways.

Channeling change,

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