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Nomad Manager • A quick and rough video I made as a submission to…

A quick and rough video I made as a submission to become Lois of We Are Sole Sisters’ next sidekick! Disclaimering the audio, particularly the poor sound transition in the start, as I was rushing to finish this before heading off to Galle in Sri Lanka. 😀



P.S. Please help me live more of my passion for travel and VOTE FOR ME HERE! I’m lagging behind! To see what I’m competing for, click here. And lastly, if you could Ask Facebook Friends to VOTE FOR JEN, that would be the cherry on top! Thank youuuu!!

P.P.S. I know this video on Tipid Tips for Travel is rather amateur, but unbiasedly, I think it’s the best entry among the 3 finalists! 😛 And if I win, I will definitely try to use my increased influence via the We Are Sole Sisters blog to encourage more Pinoys and foreigners to travel more in the Philippines, as that’s what I hope to do next year. 🙂

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