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My “Epic Adventure”: Turtle Travel

Everyone’s been wishing me well on this “epic adventure” I’m embarking on, and I’m sure it will be, but we all have subjective definitions of what an “epic adventure” is, but believe it or not, prior to my arrival here at Siem Reap, I only really had in my head that I would spend my first day here watching Season 4 of Breaking Bad. And followers of the series will know just what an epic adventure THAT is. Haha.

I actually wound up doing a DIY Nomad Manager Cambodian Arts & Crafts Walking Tour though, but that’s not my point here.

This is just me wanting to manage the expectations of people following this blog and people saying I should do this or that. I plan to discover things about Cambodia (and Thailand, Myanmar/Laos, and Sri Lanka later in this trip), meet new people, but all at my own pace (which is akin to turtle-paced travel), and not in some frenzy as if my life depended on stepping foot on each and every tourist attraction.

I like knowing I have the option to sleep in everyday if I wanted to, though I usually get up by 7am to blog, tweet, email, watch a TV series, do yoga, read, relax, and not feel bad about going out only at noon. None of us have “all the time in the world”, because time runs continuously, but we can control how we use it. For me, time well spent is time relaxed in the present, and not spent chasing an end goal (which in this case might be to see and do “everything”).

So if you were hoping for non-stop adventure posts, sorry, this isn’t really the blog for that.
So yeah.
Just sayin’. 🙂

Disclaimer Girl,

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