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Luxury Rainforest & Tea Plantation Getaway in Sri Lanka

My Rainforest Eco Lodge Experience
September 10-13, 2012 — Deniyaya, Sri Lanka 

First, I went through a dirt road with a vista of lush greenery and some tea plantations. In the distance, I saw towering trees crowding at the top of the mountains. I was driven through the road at the edge of the Sinharaja Rainforest, past more tea plantations, and finally, up to Rainforest Eco Lodge, where the warm housekeeping head Dammika and the cool highland air greet me.

Having traveled through Cambodia  Thailand, Laos and Sri Lanka for over 2 months, I could not have capped my solo Asian backpacking trip off more perfectly than with my pampered stay here.

I had a welcome drink of some of their excellent milk tea. What better place to have tea than at a tea plantation?

My days would usually be filled with leisurely walks through the tea plantations and rainforest for bird-watching and tea plantation/rainforest/waterfall-admiring with my very congenial and engaging guide Kumara.

I had missed out on doing a tea plantation tour during my visit to Nuwara Eliya, so I was glad to have had that here with Kumara who answered all my questions and provided extra information. He also shared his knowledge about the rainforest’s various animal and plant inhabitants. We also talked a lot about his country Sri Lanka, my country the Philippines, work, Buddhism, and probably more. Conversing with Kumara was like a featured activity in itself. 🙂

[Thanking the universe for my lucky stars]

I would usually come back from my walks with Sri Lankan feasts prepared by Chef Chamikka, which was always instantly replenished by the hardworking and attentive restaurant staff Kusumsiri, who I really hope gets promoted later on for being such an excellent waiter.

[Kusumsiri on the far left, Chef Chamikka in the black shirt, second from right/beside me]

Wishful, I also asked if I might be able to help out in the kitchen, and lo and behold, Chamikka said yes! So I was able to harvest some of my own vegetables, make soup (albeit too peppery), cook dinner, garnish dessert (albeit unprofessionally), and make my own bread!   


[I think you can guess which weralu mousse dessert is the one I garnished]

When the days came to a close, I spent my nights at one of the most luxurious accommodations one can find this close to a rainforest. I have no words, just stifled squeals, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

See more pictures of Rainforest Eco Lodge here.
Or watch the video I created below. 🙂