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30 days to D-Day

*Insert Macaulay Culkin’s screaming Home Alone face here*

Yesterday, I hyperventilated (and actually performed above action) due to the sudden realization that it was already May 30, and that therefore, the first of June was at hand, and that means that I only have one month left before I go on my 2.5-month trip around SEA.

I have not done much apart from booking my ticket out of Manila, and my ticket back to Manila. I might have to literally pay for my procrastination because my lack in fondness for planning might force me to shell out bigger sums of money than if I had done my research, bookings, and shopping earlier on.

Having said that, and having just posted the 10 Lame Excuses, I am taking it upon myself to get my lazy, excuse-making ass into action and finalize the following things within the next week:

  • Find place to stay for week #1 in Cambodia.
  • Figure out whether to go to Laos / Thailand / Myanmar after maxing the 21-day Cambodian tourist visa and find out how to get there.
  • Book additional flights to that / those countries if necessary (which is most likely).
  • Book flight to Sri Lanka already. (Yes, Jen. You know for sure you want to go there. BOOK IT ALREADY.)
  • Avoid last-minute shopping: secure all the LIGHTWEIGHT travel essentials ASAP! (Okay, I’ll give myself 2 weeks for this 😛 — and I can’t wait to write my light-packing post! Packing light is one my advocacies.)

How are you doing with your own plans?
What get’s you motivated to get crackin’?

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