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Happy Tummy @ Ketchup Food Community, Baguio: Yummy, affordable, veg-friendly Thai

Been meaning to try my friend RJ’s (Karlo’s Love Never Dies bandmate) family resto upon going up to Baguio, and last April, I had the chance to do so. Hooray for me!

Karlo was talking about how the area where RJ’s family resto had been developed to include other new restos (making Happy Tummy the OG of the area), so now, it has turned into the Ketchup Food Community, a relatively new must-go place for foodies on a budget.

It also houses Canto, which shows a lot of potential (saw their menu and prices), and which we wanted to try on our second visit to Ketchup Food Community, but they were closed for a function, so we did a round 2 in Happy Tummy again, which was not a sad thing at all.

It also had a few other restaurants and hang out places that I didn’t really get to check out, but hopefully will on succeeding trips to Baguio. 🙂

In the meantime, Happy Tummy!

Happy Tummy proved to be an affordable, veg-friendly Thai resto, three adjectives that rest well with me. I didn’t get to try their curries (as they all had meat), so I don’t have their curry to judge as a baseline for Thai food yumminess. But I did get to try their Tofu with Toge (P120), which was a mound-ful, good for 2-3 people, and super fresh-tasting.

Karlo also ordered their Fried Tilapia (Small-P150; Large-P250), which I still tried, because I’m still pescetarian. It came with a sweet tamarind sauce and cilantro (which I love), which really elevated the humble, fried fish. Sorry for the photo (both for its quality and for vegetarian readers). 😛

And rice being a staple in the average Filipino diet, we also ordered their Thai Fried Rice (Small-P100; Large-P150). We got the small size, which was just right for 3 people. Though I was avoiding rice, this was just so good. Not exactly ideal for people prepping for a beach trip, but what the hell. It comes with chicken, so if you want this vegetarian, just request for them to omit the chicken.

We also ordered Phad Thai (P150), which at this point, we were too full to eat, so we just had it wrapped, but not before I poked my fork in for a try. This was just okay for me. I’m not it’s biggest fan, but I think Karlo likes it. It comes with meat.

On my second visit, I also got to try their [NM Vegetarian Food Find #5] Eggplant with Tofu (P120), also REALLY good and flavorful. I particularly loved the generous use of Thai basil here. It was on the spicy side though, activating my mucus glands, but I still kept going at it. 😛

My companions (Karlo and Maria on my first visit, and Karlo and Kitty on the second) washed down the (spicy) food with a pitcher of Thai Iced Tea (Glass-P40; Pitcher-P120), which I have never been a fan of because usually find Thai iced tea (in general) too sweet. And Happy Tummy’s tasted pretty much like the other Thai iced teas I tried, so it didn’t really change my opinion on the drink. But when my glass of yummy, sweet-sour Tamarind Juice (Glass-P40; Pitcher-P120) ran out, and I was still eating the eggplant and tofu, I had to resort to the Thai iced tea, effectively relieving me of the spiciness. (I have relatively low tolerance for spicy thing, I think.)

So there you have it. My opinion, served to you on a clay platter.
Check out details on how to get there + my veg rating at the end of this post. 🙂 

Drop by the Ketchup Food Community on your next trip to Baguio and pay Happy Tummy a visit! View their menu here. Then go back and try the others too. Or try all in one go if your stomach has the capacity of an elephant’s. 

Thai and again,

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Happy Tummy
Ketchup Food Community
Romulo Drive, Barangay Lualhati (Near Wright Park)

2600 Baguio City, Philippines

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