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Day 1 (Part 1 of 3): Good Morning, Siem Reap! @ Victory Guest House

It’s my first day away from the Philippines, and naturally, I’m feeling pretty good. The loneliness and discomfort will probably creep in later in the trip, but right now, this is the life (and probably one of the rare opportunities to write a blow-by-blow blog post).

For $7 a night (what I hear is also the price of an airport taxi), I got a free airport pick-up from Victory Guest House, and checked in to this very spacious and comfortable fan room (I’m used to sleeping without airconditioning anyway).

I actually could have scored some number of nights elsewhere for under $4 a night, in a guest house that looked equally comfortable, but they had to close temporarily due to construction or whatnot, so I booked elsewhere recommended by Ed.

I’ve only booked 2 nights so far, even though I’m staying in Cambodia for some 2-3 weeks, but I’m not sure what my plans are tomorrow, and that’s how I roll. If you know me through my blog posts by now, you’ll know I hate travel planning.

The staff here is really nice, there’s wi-fi and free breakfast too. 😀

[My first breakfast of lemon and honey pancake with a cup of tea while reading Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Startup]

I had a bit of a struggle getting wi-fi from my room last night and this morning, so my workstation this morning is this little living area right outside my room.

I’m feeling quite good, and add to that, while waiting for my flight to Siem Reap at NAIA 3 last night, I ran into an old friend Gutch who was taking his first flight out of the country…and guess where to? Siem Reap too!

[With Gutch at the Siem Reap Airport]

Funny how the world works. He is embarking on his first ever international adventure, albeit for 4 days, while I am embarking on my first ever solo AND long term 2.5-month travel. Both VERY different scenarios, both with VERY different trip agendas, and yet very much the same. We didn’t say it aloud, but we were both nervous, scared, yet excited about the unknown that awaited us on our respective journeys.

I was happy to catch up with him and give him a few tips on international travel, and when it was time to leave the airport, my pick-up from Victory Guest House was there, and yet, his was nowhere to be found. Tom, the brother of Moy, the woman who runs the guesthouse, was nice enough to offer him a free ride to his hotel. So it wasn’t really goodbye for us quite yet.

I really thought it was funny / awesome / crazy that we were here together, and that we were softening the “blow” of the craziness for each other. After they had dropped me off, before they left for Gutch’s hotel, Gutch asked if he could pray over me, for my protection, and for my trip in general. I’m not a religious type, but I felt really good about this and really feel that this is the universe’s way of saying it’s got my back.

Don’t worry, mummy. I’ll be okay. 😀

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Off to wander aimlessly,

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