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Why You Should Just Put It (Your Idea) Out There

It’s been a while since I’ve written any particularly “personal” / “journal-like” post as I’ve been busy constantly trying to catch up with backlogged posts, traveling (I also went to Bacolod and Southern India last October, but my last post was on Dumaguete), meeting people, covering climate change-related things (which I’ve also yet to write about) / generally greenifying, designing, and always, always thinking / brainstorming about upcoming projects.

The problem is that with the 1 main project that I’d like to get going, I’m paralyzed by thinking too much, or worry about pre-releasing/publicizing it before it’s truly ready.

And I realized I’m shit at taking my own advice.

Back in May, I posted 10 Lame Excuses That Keep Us From Putting Our Ideas Into Action.
And man, #’s 5 & 6 are really doing it for me lately.

I’ve had the idea since July, but I was constantly traveling, moving around, writing blog posts, and that somehow justified not concretizing things for my idea. Plus my personality of letting things mellow to make sure that’s how it should be, etc. I find that without a definitive deadline/urgency or someone to kick my ass into action, there is that tendency to keep putting things off, and allow even a trickle of progress to mean something.

But this month, since officially being relieved of Punchdrunk Panda work (yes, to those who don’t know, I’ve kind of resigned from my own business, which will still continue running without me, by the way), I’ve had more time to explore other things, and also, more pressure to do something productive with my time.

Putting your idea out there will attract like-minded individuals to you and your endeavor. And I find that somehow, the universe, god or whatever is bringing people my way who I feel will play roles in the undertaking.

So yeah, I guess I will be unveiling the new project hilaw (not ripe), but I do believe that once people see the new website I’d like to create, I’ll find more people to collaborate with, or more ways to improve whatever system it runs on while actually using the website.

Must remind myself not to be intimidated by other people who seem to have come out so neat and orderly from the get-go.

Plus yeah, it just needs to get out of my head and into your screens already. Pronto.
And just so you know, the new website will be at 🙂 

Work it, work it.


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