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Seeking “Discomfort” & Discovering Your Passions

In a previous post, I theorized that passion is living uncomfortably on purpose, and briefly mentioned taking a Passion Test Workshop (based on the book by Janet and Chris Attwood) with Lois Yasay or We Are Sole Sisters.

Finding your true passions and living your ideal life really necessitate stripping down your life and getting rid of the non-essentials, which you might have thought were essentials in your life before. It forces you to make decisions you previously avoided (which is a decision to not take action), really acknowledge the core of your being, and choose in favor of your passions.

Through the Passion Test, I’ve found that what I thought I wanted the most in life wasn’t what I needed to start living my ideal life today. I’ve found that I spent a lot of time on things that I wasn’t really passionate about.

Since taking the Passion Test only 1.5 weeks ago, I have also found that sharing the Passion Test IS a passion of mine, and I’ve conducted a hack (read: non-licensed with potential for crashing) version on 9 people already, and I really hope I can help them towards the realization of their ideal lives as well. 🙂

I’m not yet a prime example of a person fully living her passions; I’m still learning as I go along, but I feel that the key is being genuinely open to the change we want to happen in our lives, and by really following through on our passions, once we’ve realized them.

[With my fellow passionistas from my Passion Test Workshop with Lois at Pipino last May 27, 2012]

Living uncomfortably,

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