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On Greenifying & Muni PH + Pop-Up Shop

Last week, I wrote my first few articles for When In Manila (with focus on Climate Change).

This week, I’ve been busy tweaking my new project Muni PH, a website that hopes to help people make more informed lifestyle decisions so they can live more mindfully.

I’ve been thinking about permutations of this project for months, but now, it’s finally coming to fruition, and the seed I planted in my head is finally breaking the surface. It’s been a slow but deliberate process. Just how I like to work.

The key philosophy of Muni PH was also written perfectly by Green’s Not Black & White author Dominic Muren:

What will you choose for yourself, knowing that others may follow? More important, would your choice be different if you knew that thousands of people would be making the same one?

As synchronicities would have it, I was gifted this book by one of my Trade School workshop participants, Ella of Pop Pins. 🙂 I really believe that when you throw out into the world the things the love or feel strongly about, you’ll meet kindred spirits who are into the same things and help further the causes you soldier on for.

In line with the launch of Muni PH, I’m organizing Muni Pop-Up Shop: A Christmas Sale for Cultural Creatives, and I’m looking for sellers to participate in the event & bloggers to help promote it.

One of the things I feel strongly about raising awareness on is the idea of Conscious Consumption, which you can understand more about at Muni PH, or read about in my Conscious Consumption blog posts.

I’m also looking for fellow brainwashers to contribute articles to Muni PH!
Interested? Read the contribution guidelines here.

I know I haven’t really delivered my regular travel posts recently, even when I had recent trips to Kuala Lumpur and India. *shrugs* But I do plan to post about them here soon, it’s just that raising awareness about Climate Change and really getting Muni PH off the ground seemed more important. 🙂

Expect to see more posts about my recent travels and of course, the development & launch of Muni PH soon! In the meantime, please join Muni PH’s merry band of pragmatic dreamers & idealistic doers! 😀 Visit, like Muni PH on Facebook, and follow @muni_PH on Twitter. 🙂

Proud momma,

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