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“Up” and About: An Age-defying Love & Adventure Story 🙂

On the long bus ride from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang, I also couldn’t help but notice the couple seated in front of me through the gap between their seats. I’m a sucker for old couples, so I was really curious about their story.

When we got off the bus and boarded a tuk-tuk to the centre of Luang Prabang, I was fortunate enough to be in the same tuk-tuk as they were in. My Luang Prabang travel-mates, Yasuko, Mako, Jenney and I then learned that they’ve been traveling for 10 years now, with their sailboat. 🙂 SOBRANG SWEET.

I knew at that moment I had to take their picture and get their full names and email address. I knew I’d have to write about them.

When we got to town, we parted ways because we couldn’t all be booked at the same guest house. But I really hoped to meet them again in Luang Prabang. With Luang Prabang seeming like the prime example of “It’s A Small World”, we bumped into them on our trip to the weee!-inducing Tat Kuang Si.

There I sealed a deal to meet with them as I felt that there was so much more I wanted to know about their adventure. 🙂

Pierre and Catherine Neidhart have known each other for 20 years now, and let’s just say that Catherine is 50-something, and Pierre is 60-something, and they only got married 10 years ago, for practical reasons, just before they started traveling. 

They travel with their sailboat which they park at docks or drop anchor at designated points, then either just stay around the area or travel by land to relatively nearby cities/towns or countries. 🙂

I can’t even really fathom the boat life, but they sail their boat with just the two of them, with each one having to keep night watches to make sure that they are on course and that they don’t crash into anything (cliff/boat/etc). There was a lot more I wanted to ask, but kept myself from prying too much as it was only our first time hanging out. 😛

Nonetheless, with what they shared, it sounds like a wonderful life, and Pierre and Catherine’s similarly leisurely approach to traveling as mine is refreshing especially when meeting travelers who usually dedicate no more than 3 days per destination.

[Sharing Beerlaos and street food with the Neidharts :)]

Stupidly had my camera on the wrong setting so Catherine’s face was always blurred. And I think she got tired of all the pictures. 😛

There’s no expressing how happy I was to spend time with Pierre and Catherine. It was simply precious…like having the comfort of parents around sans any potential nagging. There’s so much more I wish to know about their story, and one evening with them simply isn’t enough to hear all about their sailboat adventures, so I hope one day, the sea pushes them my way, and I can be a part of some of their future stories too. 🙂

Hugs to you, Pierre and Catherine!

Big grin on her face,
Jen 😀

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