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Nomad Manager • Tat Kuang Si Waterfalls and Bear Sanctuary August…

Tat Kuang Si Waterfalls and Bear Sanctuary
August 8, 2012 — Luang Prabang, Laos 

The great thing about not really knowing what a place has to offer but just going anyway is the awe when you finally see / experience them.

Tat Kuang Si is among the most popular tourist activities in Luang Prabang, and rightly so. It was my favorite excursion / touristy thing to do here. Even with the jaw-dropping waterfalls in Iligan, this was uh-mazing, with its lush surroundings, clear pools, and the great Kuang Si waterfall drop when you climb further up.

Incidentally, we ran into a Swiss couple, Pierre and Catherine, here that we shared a tuk-tuk with from the bus station (and all us girls fell in love with them immediately then), so that was a very pleasant surprise. I’ll be blogging more about them in another post. 🙂

[Jenney getting ready to do a tarzan]

[At THE Kuang Si Waterfalls with all the girls + Pierre and Catherine]

Oh, before we got to the waterfall, there was a bear sanctuary in there too. While I’m iffy about zoos and similar places where animals are kept in enclosed areas or in chains, I felt that the bear sanctuary was a good, safe space for these bears, keeping them away from evil poachers and giving them enough room in their enclosures to go around and play. I’m sure it can get boring for them, but again, it’s a safe space.

It’s also nice that they really made an effort to introduce each bear to visitors. 🙂

View more pictures here.

This was the best 20,000 kip I spent here in Laos, and even if you’re not the type of traveler with a “to-do list”, I really feel that this is one of those must-do’s, to marvel at the beauty of nature, and to acknowledge the groups that help preserve it.


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