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Nomad Manager • Space Encounters and Subspace Coffee. Oh my…

Space Encounters and Subspace Coffee.

Oh my god.

*Moment of speechlessness*

followed by:

“Ang gandaaaah!!”

DISCLAIMER: Bear with me, people. This entry will be long, and the number of pictures that I will probably be posting will require many-a-scrolling, but I promise, it will be worth it. Even if my photos may not be as artistically rendered as those by prime-lens-mounted-DSLR-wielding photographers, the most ordinary photos can look good with great subjects.

I first heard about Subspace Coffee from Nica, and I stumbled upon Space Encounters from some other blog. Seeing the pictures, I knew I wanted to go there. Soon. I had to. So finally, FINALLY, Nica and I made the trip today. And while I knew I would most probably love what I saw, I did not realize how much I would love it.

Subspace was the only intended destination for the afternoon, but I thought we ought to check out Space Encounters as well for some creative inspiration.

Space Encounters features original work by interior designer Wilmer Lopez. Most of the pieces you’ll find are inspired by mid-century modern design, with a focus hand-made, well-crafted wooden pieces as opposed to factory-spewed reproductions.

Needless to say, there was awed silence. Wide eyes. And repeated sudden, deep intakes of breath. It took me a while to absorb everything. And even after I went around and looked at everything I could possibly look at in the store, I still couldn’t get over it. LOVE. As in, I-could-live-here Love. Well, I probably wouldn’t find a K-pop corner in my own dream dwelling, but I’m sure Space Encounters has its market for that (i.e. Punchdrunk Panda design intern, Patman).

View even more of my Space Encounters pictures here.

After our extended gawking inside Space Encounters, we had to peel ourselves away and go back to work…this time, at Subspace.

The same pattern continued. Awed silence. Wide eyes. And repeated sudden, deep intakes of breath.

It took me a while to settle down and finally place my order. And when I finally did, I spotted this voice-activated Eve from Wall-E! (see Eve in action here)

When the excitement over Eve died down, I ordered their best-selling Purple Potato Latte (Hot: 8 oz.-P125, 12 oz.-P140; Cold: P140), complete with leveled up latté art, while Nica got a Cheese Muffin (P70).

View even more of my Subspace pictures here.

We stayed the afternoon and worked in this inspiring environment, yes, with K-pop playing in the background. If I were to create a dream office for Punchdrunk Panda, it would look like Subspace. With some added elements from Space Encounters. And whoooo, yes, complete with a barista! Haha.

After finishing my main task for PdP that day, I asked Thor, part owner of Subspace (whom I met as Nica and I were placing our orders), if he was free for a quick chat. I found out that this hypergalactic cafe was encouraged by several customers stepping into Space Encounters, the aforementioned home lifestyle shop, and asking for coffee, because they thought Space Encounters was a café. So, 3 months ago, partners Thor Balanon and Wilmer Lopez opened Subspace, a few paces and a sidewalk-engraved “I love you” away (walk from Space Encounters to Subspace and you’ll get what I mean).

I also found out that Thor worked in the ad world for a while before quitting and pursuing something of his own. This really confirms an observation by my partner Gail and I that ad agencies really do tend to spew entrepreneurs. 😛 I shan’t say more.

And haha…I loved Subspace so much that even after spending the entire afternoon with Nica there, I went back with Karlo after dinner! (Luckily, I managed to get the barista to take a quick shot of us before my camera died) And I requested that my scheduled meeting today be held there. HA-HA. (3 visits in 24 hours!)

So yeah, I have no vested interest in promoting Subspace and Space Encounters, but yeah, when I love something, I love something. I just wish I didn’t have to spend so much with each visit. 😛 Nonetheless, I see myself coaxing (or coercing) my PdP team to spend the occasional afternoon of work there. 😀 

Go visit Space Encounters and Subspace for some interplanetary inspiration!
Check out their beautiful business cards below!