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Setting A Whole New Standard For Pen Freaks

Yes, I am one of those people who loves to just hang around National Bookstore and other such stores filled with supplies, ogling at all the different paper products, and of course, the different writing apparatus. I can while away the time just trying out different pens, without any real intention to buy, then sometimes, many times, somehow walking away with one.

While waiting for a friend at Shangri-la Mall, I couldn’t help but notice the delectable display of shiny new Parker pens in front of National Bookstore. Naturally, I’d try this beautiful pen that was just sitting there waiting to be tested. When you first touch it, it feels heavy enough to make you feel like you were holding something of great value, but light enough not to be cumbersome. And once the tip hits the crisp white sheet, it glides exquisitely, as if you were writing with rich, dark, velvety, liquid chocolate…that doesn’t blot or smudge.

This is the Parker 5th Generation pen, which has the look of a classic fountain pen but writes like nothing else I’ve written with before. At P8,000+ per pen, this broke girl didn’t wind up going home with one, but our brief tryst was quite memorable and I deemed it blog-worthy. So if you yourself are a pen freak or know someone who is, you’ve got to at least try writing with this. And while one of my favorite friends gave me an all-titanium (?) Parker pen engraved with the words “Head Bitch” last Christmas (loved the gift, by the way), I definitely wouldn’t mind receiving this epic Parker pen as a gift either. 😀


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