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My Hot New Italian-Korean Lover

I’m usually afraid of commitment, but for you I’d dedicate 2 years (on a postpaid plan), or however long we’ll be happy together.

You inspire me to write. I’ll be able to post more frequently and immediately.

You help me get my life on track, which is especially useful now that I seem to be busier with more appointments. But I’ll always have time for you of course, specially since you make it faster for me to get things done.

You may not have six pack abs, but you’ve got killer apps, and that’s what a girl should look for. And I love that you’re big but not obscenely so; I love how you fit in my hands.

I’ve only been with you one day, but already, you’ve changed my life. To those who read my blog, get ready for more gushy posts on my love for Phabrizio (yes, that’s the name I’ve decided to give my sexy new phablet for now).