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Nomad Manager • Impromptu Wet Pak Ou Cave “Adventure” August 7,…

Impromptu Wet Pak Ou Cave “Adventure”
August 7, 2012 — Luang Prabang, Laos 

The rain wasn’t very cooperative at all in the first few days of my stay here in Luang Prabang, though it was significantly better than the weather situation in Manila at the time. 

Nonetheless, Yasuko, and Jenney and Mako (who we met on the bus from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang) and I braved the rain and went out to explore what we could in the rain.

We first walked a bit around town, checked out some temples:

Hung out at a cafe..

Checked out yet another temple (which we had to pay 20,000 kip for…which I feel was unwarranted, perhaps because I do not know of its more profound significance).

We then walked toward the river, in hopes of maybe finding a boat to take us to Pak Ou Cave. There, we bumped into 3 Dutch girls by the “boat station” and hopped onto a slow boat for 70,000 kip / person.

It was late in the day so we needed to ride a speedboat half the way to get there and back before dark, and we agreed.

We failed to ask if the speedboat was covered, and we hadn’t really planned on this at all, so no one else had a raincoat but me, none of us were in bikinis, nor did we have “wet bags” for our gear / valuables. So we were soaked (I’m not sure if it was by the rain or the river water, but it was all good fun (for a while…going back wasn’t so fun anymore and we were all just quiet as the rain pelted on our bodies).

And while there may be some truth to what guidebooks say about the ride to the cave being nicer / more fun than the cave itself, it was still worthwhile to go to due to the sheer number of buddha figurines.

I found out days after (again due to poor planning / research), that we could’ve dropped by a whiskey and/or weaving village either before or after going to the cave. Harhar.

No regrets about having the non-plan plan though. But thank you to Jenney for her Type A-ness and diligence in research. 🙂


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