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Hot and cold in Nuwara Eliya, a non-Nuwara Eliya Experience
September 3-5, 2012 – Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

After having come from the already pleasantly cool temperature in Ella, I moved on to the even colder Hill Country town of Nuwara Eliya, which most visitors coming in by train would recognize through its manicured tea plantations like this:

Little Heaven in Nuwara Eliya

While on a feeble quest to find cheap accommodations, a man on a tuk-tuk, Wijitha, zealously volunteered his guesthouse. In spite of apprehensions, it seemed like a harmless offer so we hopped on the tuk-tuk to check it out and found that it had all the necessary fittings for comfort: a nice thick duvet and blanket, a clean bathroom with a hot, hot shower, and a fireplace for the colder nights.

As appealing as his offer was, and the lack of other cheaper/similarly-priced options, the absence of Wi-Fi was quite a deal-breaker for me, but apparently not enough so. Because of his persistence, eagerness to please, and the breakfast he threw in, I eventually relented and chose to stay at “Little Heaven” in spite of it being a bit out of town as well. Figured it would be good exercise. 🙂

You’re Hot Then You’re Cold (or in this case, the other way around)

At Little Heaven, I also met a Kiwi-Canadian couple Steve and Laurie, whom I would be joining on a warm weather, less touristic tour to see “the jungle people” (as Wijitha calls them) not too far away from Mahayangana, a hot little town mountains away from Nuwara Eliya (instead of doing Dane’s initial plan to see the World’s End at Horton Plains, which I didn’t mind missing).

The whole trip lasted a long 13 hours, with stops at an important temple whose name I forgot (sorry)…

…and some lake that underwhelmed everyone in the group, especially since we had been traveling for some 3-4 hours at that point, to be greeted by a lackluster lake (particularly when the others in the group has been exposed to the lakes in New Zealand and Canada”.

The highlight of course, was “the jungle people”, and after being underwhelmed by the trip until that point, the four of us were like bright-eyed kids observing “the jungle people” create a fire, sing, dance, and play “hunt”.

We also had a go at some archery, though as I expected, I failed at it terribly. 😛

[Steve having a go]

As cool as “the jungle people” were, at $45/person, I honestly felt the entire trip cost too much money and time to be really worthwhile. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy Steve and Laurie’s company on the long van ride, and again on our nights at Little Heaven.

The next day, I would be leaving Nuwara Eliya all too soon for the city of Kandy, but looking back, I really wish we had stayed a bit longer to give Nuwara Eliya a good walkabout, hear more stories from Steve and Laurie, and just enjoy Little Heaven and the cold weather (only because the place had thick blankets for the night – otherwise, I wouldn’t really enjoy the cold at all).

If you’re going to Nuwara Eliya, and are looking for a clean, comfortable, yet relatively more affordable accommodations, contact Wijitha with the details below, and he’ll definitely try his best to make you enjoy your stay. 🙂

View more pictures here.

Now hankering for a hot chocolate,

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Little Heaven (Wijitha Wijesinghe)
No. 16/44 Under Bank, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
(+9472) 274-1982