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Deconstructing The Lotus Seed: My Cheap Cambodian Thrill

I find joy in the simple things, and I hope my boyfriend agrees with me when I say I’m a cheap date. And while eating a lotus seed might not seem exciting to most people (particularly to Cambodians), I feel it is deserving of its own blog post.

July 18

After my first encounter of lotus flowers / pods with seeds being sold on the street while on my arts and crafts walk, I hadn’t seen them again. It didn’t help that I left town for Hariharalaya for close to 2 weeks. But when Hanne and I went back into Siem Reap, I finally got my chance. 🙂

Hanne purchased 4 flowers / pods for 2000 riel, I think. Or half a dollar. Super cheap thrill! 😛

After running an errand, we then picked a spot by the river to rest and partake of the much anticipated lotus seed, but not before camwhoring with the flower / pod for a bit.

Those are just cement elephants behind Hanne, by the way, just in case you were wondering. 🙂

[Posing Koreana-style]

Step #1: Rip the lotus pod open and take the seeds out.

Step #2: Peel the seed. Hanne ate her first one with the skin on. Not advisable. Hehe.

You might notice that there’s a rather bitter taste to the seeds. If you are bothered by this, which I was, you may deconstruct the seed even further and proceed to the next step in my process.

Step #3: Half the seed (with your teeth), and take out the green shoot in the middle. In my scientific study, I have found that that is what makes it bitter.

Ta-dah! And that concludes Lotus Seed-Eating 101. Bow.

I’ll have a more substantial next post, but humor me on this one. 😛


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