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Nomad Manager • @chrisguillebeau’s Video on Fear and Permission…

@chrisguillebeau’s Video on Fear and Permission (by TEDxTalks) and @nomadmanager’s Ramblings on Potential Brainwashing

How apt that I should stumble upon Chris Guillebeau’s 2-year-old TEDx talk earlier this morning, on the day of my GK CSI Night talk.

I admire Chris in many ways: for his writing, traveling, goal-setting and legacy-making, and here in this video, his ability to tell stories of his travels in his talk, and influence people to act.

I don’t think I’m all that, or that I’ve got all my shit together. But this is the first talk in which I attempt to talk more than just Punchdrunk Panda’s history. And while I’ve spoken about my company to larger groups before, this talk is especially meaningful to me because I’m delivering it at the GK CSI Night, which my contact person Tricia Aquino claims does not mean to feature social enterprises alone, and yet I feel a certain extent of social contribution is expected of me.

And as nervous and unprepared I feel for this (in spite of psyching myself since I was invited, and writing copious notes which I now still need to trim down and “meatify”), I welcome this first real chance at public brainwashing.

I’ve tried to do my bit part here in my blog, and I’ve always enjoyed watching videos of people giving talks on TED or 99%, so yeah, it’s a dream to someday be able to deliver a talk like them and hopefully create an impact on my audience the way they’ve “disturbed” me. 🙂

Holy hell, I think I am scaring myself. Anyway, no pressure, Jen. Joke lang. Chika lang. Kung matamaan, swerte, kung wala, e di practice lang. Haha.

I think I need to go out for a run. [Note: Being the non-runner that I am, my run lasted no more than 10 minutes, half of which was probably spent walking, so it was really just a 5-minute run, and I’m tired enough to stop being nervous. Haha. Lame.]

Releasing adrenalin,

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