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Nomad Manager • ANTEROOM SESSIONS 2 by Punchdrunk Panda March 31,…

ANTEROOM SESSIONS 2 by Punchdrunk Panda
March 31, 2012 • Cubao X

This has been the happiest video I’ve had to edit so far. 😀

Granted, it took me two months after the event before I actually churned out this video, mostly due to the amount of footage, my workload, and sometimes, most of the time, really just procrastination. But yeah, I found myself smiling stupidly and laughing while reviewing the clips.

I’m bummed that I had to cut out a lot of other fun footage (I imposed a 2.5-minute limit upon myself, for the benefit of those with attention deficit), but I think that essentially, what I have on the video is representative of the good vibes and happy energy of the night (happiest moment is 1:29). 😀 My work here is done.

I wonder when the next Anteroom Sessions will be. 🙂


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