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Incognito: Yes or No?

Been having a lot of personal debates since starting this blog.

Tumblr or WordPress? Anonymity or “Real”-ness?  And all the other little debates in between.  Let me share how I finally settled them.

Tumblr vs. WordPress

I started a Tumblr vs. WordPress discussion on my personal Facebook and was amused by the ensuing discussion.  Most of the respondents stated WordPress as a serious blog and Tumblr as a blog people just maintain for fun.

While I want to be “taken seriously” in this blog, and be a credible resource and deliver honest, useful and reliable content, I still want fun and lightness to be the prevailing feel of the blog.  That and sheer laziness have led me to the conclusion that Tumblr is better.

Seriously though, I think a lot of customization can be done with Tumblr (though I’ve yet to fully customize — I don’t see a real need yet), so yeah, snaps for Tumblr!

Incognito: Yes or No?

While I can continue writing anonymously, I will.  This has been quite a stressful debate for me as my efforts to remain anonymous will limit the details I can include in my personal posts here.  It’s a good and bad thing, I guess.  But having this blog open to the public really lends itself to a lot of unavoidable exposure or openness.

I imagine that over time, I will eventually be dropping more and more details about my business, so certain people who know me will eventually guess that I’m writing this blog.


But anyway, this whole thing really is supposed to be for me (though ironically, having a public blog presupposes writing for an audience).  And if I so happen to amuse others or help others with this, then cool.  But I should remember that this is for me, and the last thing this should be is a cause for stress.

GAH.  So that said, I will go all new age-y and breathe in…breathe out…and let it go.