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How I Plan To Spend The Rest of My Long Weekend

This is meant to be a self-indulgent entry, and contains nothing (I imagine) of depth or meaning to other people, but more of, as I say in my blog description, “…just hoping that the public declaration of my plans and steps will keep me motivated and focused on my goals.

So yeah.
You were warned. 
Read on for my weekend to-do list. 

What I have achieved this weekend so far:
1) Surprised Karlo (FRI)
2) Proposed new PdP business card design (SAT)
3) Proposed collab packaging sticker design (SAT)

And what I had intended but have yet to do are:
[For Me]
1) Redo NM logo/layout (SUN/MON)
2) Color and ink 2 pending paintings (MON)
3) Blog about the ff: (MON)
• 10 A Alabama
• Artist webisode shoot
• PFW ? (debatable)
• Painting ?
• Redesign of NM
• Acquiring my Kindle
** I feel I left something out, but oh well. This is plenty.
[For PdP]
1) Measure laptops against current laptop sleeve prototype (SUN/MON)
2) Create long term project updates/monitoring file for the team (TUES)
3) Think up merchandising needs for GPB (TUES)

I set out to accomplish a lot this weekend, specially with my backlog and my upcoming trip to Singapore to watch The National. So yeah. I definitely still have to get a lot of shite done.

Noooooo….50% of the long weekend is already overrr!!!