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How I Actually Spent My Long Weekend

WARNING: This is a highly personal, self-indulgent entry, much like my entry here. So if the mundanities of my life do not interest you, then do not read on.

Last Sunday, I detailed exactly how I intended to spend the rest of the long weekend here, in hopes that announcing it to the world would make my resolve to accomplish the detailed tasks firmer than they actually were in my tired, lazy, easily distracted psyche.

If you were hoping that I somehow accomplished more to vicariously make your weekend productive, then sorry. No dice. But if you were hoping that I didn’t achieve what I had initially set out to do so you wouldn’t feel bad about not accomplishing much, or that you might feel better about the little that you did accomplish, then you’re in luck. 😛

I don’t feel my list was that ambitious, but it took me longer than I thought to accomplish some, and I didn’t anticipate activities with family and friends. Nonetheless, I did get some stuff accomplished, though not as much as I had hoped.

NM Redesign
I spent a good amount of time thinking, researching, trying and reviewing logo/icon ideas for this blog. I was fixated on the idea of a vintage red suitcase, as made evident by discovered blog posts which I blogged or reblogged here and here.

Anyway, for the lack of a better icon idea/execution, I resorted to a simple, but drastically different color change, and change the font with which I presented my blog name.

Also decided to use red type for the MAD and NAG part of the blog name just because I noticed that my old thumbnail read that when cropped square and I thought it was funny. You may interpret it in whatever way suits your fancy.

My blog is now decidedly cleaner, sleeker and more modern looking, but I still feel it’s lacking, but I don’t really know how else I want to change it quite yet.

‘Til then, I feel this is a vast improvement. 😛

Other Stuff
Apart from that, I was also able to measure laptops against 2 out of 5 sleeve prototypes (mainly because our sample-maker wasn’t able to turnover all samples last time, and today was spent on activities with family and friends).
I half-painted 1 painting out of the 2 I had intended to finish (it took me way longer than I thought it would, as is usually the case. :P)
Played some rusty badminton + family time, and visited an inaanak (goddaughter) since it’s her birthday today.
I guess I also really relaxed a lot too. As I was looking forward to this weekend for that as well.

Ngaragan times nalang pre-Global Pinoy Bazaar and pre-Singapore! HO HO