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Bracing Myself For Sri Lanka…while reflecting on my journey so far :)

Dear family and friends,

This trip has brought me a series of unexpected people, places, experiences, and personal discoveries. Let me share 3 of them with you here.

Realization #1:
There’s a sort of pattern I see with each new place I stay in. Traveling abroad has also enriched my life with many new chapters, with themes like wellness and self-discovery in Cambodia, more meditation and reflection in Northern Thailandsocial enterprise and cultural preservation in Laos.
Sri Lanka is coming up next and while I have an idea of what I want to learn when I get there, I look forward to seeing what will also organically unfold for me during my stay.

Realization #2:
I feel more and more that travel, and life, is really an existentialist series of Choose-Your-Own-Adventures (in the constant decision-making sense).
Every choice we make leads us to completely different experiences, like how the choice of a different bus departure time, or a different mode of transportationa different activitya different guesthouse, a different country can ultimately lead us to meet completely different people who may or not play a repeat role in your life later on, or who may or may not affect the course of your journey. There’s a nerve-wracking freedom in all that, which, while possibly tiring and difficult, is preferrable to the lack of ability to choose.

Realization #3:
I’ve made some big decisions during this trip that will affect my life back home, work-wise. I’m still struggling to sort things out on that end, but I look forward to the things that await me upon my return. And while I will probably seek discovery and adventure in other countries, I’ve come to realize, ironically through my travels abroad, that I’ve so much left to discover in my own country.

Traveling around CambodiaThailand and Laos have been surprisingly easy as a solo female traveler. Tomorrow, I leave Bangkok for Sri Lanka, and I am most nervous about this leg of my trip simply because it’s the most unknown / unfamiliar to me. Whatever happens, it will be new and there will be things to learn. 🙂


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