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About Me

Hello, stranger.

I’m Jen, and I’m a stamp collector / word weaver / brain washer here at Nomad Manager, where I chronicle my steps towards extended solo travel / location independence by 2013 while discovering the things I really want to pursue in life.

The rest of 2012 will be a year of broke-ness and a lot of uncertainty for me since I booked a whole bunch of flights and will be away from my business for long periods of time, without any other means of income (active or passive). But I’ll worry about that in 2013. Right now, I am at peace with living uncomfortably.

Some Things I Love

  • I love travel for learning and discovery about the world, its various inhabitants, myself included.
  • I love eating plants because they help me poop better, literally and figuratively (it lessens the non-bowel type of waste a.k.a. carbon footprint I make in the world).
  • I love how having the right frame of mind, possibly aided by yoga and meditation, can help create stillness and focus in one’s life.
  • I love writing about brands/companies/individuals that have something to say, or a voice waiting to be heard, especially so if they’re Filipino.
  • I love indigenous textiles and how weaving traditions help preserve culture.
  • I love productivity and finding ways to turn ideas into action.
  • I love great design. And great design is never just “pretty”.
  • I love (not forcibly) brainwashing you into rethinking your perceptions and unfounded assumptions, and maybe induce a change in your way of thinking that will effect change in your way of doing.

And I guess that’s me in a nutshell, for now. If you’re interested in learning more about me and my story, and reading what I have to write, then by all means, join my journey!

Live uncomfortably,

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