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A Life Priority Refresh: An Update on Me

A post can not be more self-indulgent with a title other than this. 😛

On account of being overwhelmed by things as of late, and the deceptive “busy-ness” of life, I’ve decided to reassess my life priorities (something I also help others with in my Finding Your Spark and Turning Your Ideas into action class at Trade School Manila). And here’s what I found, along with some valuable insights / realizations.

When I took the passion test nearly a year ago, my top 5 life priorities were as follows:

  1. Be in the here and now (present and mindful)
  2. Be location independent
  3. Be super eco-friendly (in my lifestyle and work)
  4. Brainwash / influence
  5. Pursue something artsy

While these were spot on and helped in shaping my decisions for the year to follow, I’ve felt the need to reassess my priorities now that I’ve gone takaw mata and put more things on my plate than I can digest. 😛

My new life priorities or missions are as follows:

  1. Spend time with family & friends
  2. Dive regularly (at least once every 2-3 months)
  3. Become an excellent communicator / speaker / trainer (while these may be different, I have a specific idea of what I want to do to get closer to those)
  4. Hold monthly MUNI events (to help build the community and send a message out — whether it be like #CutTheCrap, Biyaheng Burda, Eco Fashion Workshop or what-have-you)
  5. Create beautiful, meaningful, purposeful clothing with local materials and craftsmanship

These are not vastly different from my previous priorities, and are in fact, simply more specific versions of them. The big surprise for me here is how apparently, I’ve come to value spending time with my family, when I was in fact, totally happy on my own last year — when traveling or location independence was a big priority.

I’ve acknowledged, after a relatively brief 2-and-a-half months of travel last year, that the experience of traveling itself was not what I wanted all along, but rather, the unadulterated freedom that came with it, the time to spend in the world within, and the wonder with which I viewed the world without.

And then I realized that what I really wanted from the experience, I could have anywhere, whether I was in Asia, Europe, the Philippines, Manila, or my house.

And that former #1 Be in the here and now life priority, should really just be a life default.

My new #1 though is not to say I want to spend every waking moment with friends and family, but really being able to be more present for them, and that I don’t shun invitations of valued friends on the pretense of “busy-ness”. (Though I am still wary of family vacations as it has become rather stressful at times :P)

So anyway, if you’ve made it to the end of this post, thank you for engaging in my self-chat. I look forward to having a dialogue with you in the future. 😛

Jen Horn a.k.a. 
Nomad Manager
Brainwasher-in-Chief at Muni PH